Autographs: Oskar Werner’s Joan of Arc

On the occasion of Oskar Werner’s 100th birthday, Dorotheum is presenting a collection of more than 2,000 items documenting the lasting legacy of the career of the unforgotten actor. The comprehensive documentation…

Viennese CUBISM

We are all yearning for “standard time” at the moment, and the good news is…… it is up for sale! A rare Viennese Cube Clock will be offered at the Design sale…
Patek Philippe Nautilus Armbanduhr, Referenz 3700/1, um 1977/78, Schätzwert € 30.000 – 50.000, erzielter Preis € 128.000

Watches as an Investment

500,000 Euros in 5 Minutes Collectors and investors regard high-quality wristwatches as material assets with a potential to increase in value and an additional bonus: the joy of wearing them. Some tips…
Marino Marini

The Miracle of Marino Marini

‘Marino Marini gives back to the image of the horse and rider its mythical meaning while endowing it with the contemporary expressiveness of existential experience. Both in his sculpture and in his…

Modern Art

Art Legends: Andy Warhol and Man Ray

The enfant terrible of Pop Art, Andy Warhol, admired Man Ray throughout his life. He met the legendary Surrealist and Dadaist in person, in 1973 Paris. They took Polaroid photos which Warhol…

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