Patek Philippe Nautilus Armbanduhr, Referenz 3700/1, um 1977/78, Schätzwert € 30.000 – 50.000, erzielter Preis € 128.000

Watches as an Investment

500,000 Euros in 5 Minutes Collectors and investors regard high-quality wristwatches as material assets with a potential to increase in value and an additional bonus: the joy of wearing them. Some tips…

The Perpetual Calendar

They are among the most complex functions in watchmaking. Perpetual calendars show the current date accurately for centuries, taking into account the different lengths of months and leap years. A story about…

Modern Art

Maria Lassnig: Body Awareness Colours

Subjective and expressive, figurative and abstract: two significant works by Maria Lassnig – the 1984 painting Der rote Zorn (The Red Wrath) and Meine Eltern (My Parents), a drawing from 1948 –…

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