Auction Week October 2017: highlights

Auction Week October 2017 sampler

Auction Week October 2017

Old master paintings, 19th century paintings and antiques will return to Dorotheum from 17-19 October 2017.

One of the most remarkable paintings in the selection in the old master paintings auction on 17 October is doubtless one by the Florentine artist Felice Ficherelli. The work depicts Saint Praxedis, a young Roman patrician who protects the first Christian martyrs. The picture seems to have made such a deep impression on none other than the great painter Johannes Vermeer that he copied it and paid homage to Ficherelli in his signature by suffixing the latter’s nickname, ‘il Riposo’.

Auction Week October 2017 highlights


The painting in the upcoming auction that is attributed to Sebastian Vrancx, ‘A Carnival near the “Kipdorppoort Bastion” in Antwerp’, takes us north. The work gives the viewer a startlingly vivid sense of what festivals of this kind, which were celebrated across Europe during the 17th century, must have been like. Its depicts in the foreground a commedia dell’arte troop performing on the ice to the great interest of the crowd of attendants.  The masked entertainers, dancers, musicians and orators who surround them all add to the sense of festiveness. Scenes of this kind were typical of the Antwerp region, where such public festivals were immensely popular.

The auction also boasts old master paintings by such established names as Jan van Goyen, Salomon van Ruysdael and Guido Cagnacci.

Auction Week October 2017 – auction folder


19th Century Paintings also on the programme

Dorotheum will also hold an auction of 19th century paintings on 19 October.

Superstars of Austrian, German and italian art history abound in the auction’s offerings, including the likes of Jakob Alt, Gauermann, Oswald Achenbach, Rinaldo Giudici and Vittorio Corcos.
A painting by Markus Pernhart of the summit of Großglockner Mountain is a literally ‘outstanding’ early example from the dawn of alpinism. The Carinthian landscape painter from the Biedermeier era braved inclement weather and rugged terrain to create breath-taking visual odes to his beloved homeland.  Pernhart, who was influenced by Waldmüller, was drawn not only to untouched alpine landscapes, but was also known for his renderings of humankind’s shaping of the natural world.

19th-century paintings

Old master paintings

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