Ein Glas Whiskey auf Eis

Single Malt Whiskey: Old Spirits

Limited by the nature of their production, single malts – quite apart from their complexity in taste – are shaping up to be an remarkably stable field of collecting. Investment pays! Every…

Nina Hoss: From Tár to Art

Experimental but comforting, intense yet humorous: that’s what internationally acclaimed German actress Nina Hoss looks for in an artwork. Dorotheum myART MAGAZINE caught up with the co-star of six-time Oscar-nominated Tár to…

Modern Art

Hermann Nitsch, Splatter Painting, 1986, dispersion on burlap, 200 x 301 cm, estimate €100,000 – 200,000

Hermann Nitsch: Church Painter without a Church

Hermann Nitsch (1938–2022), who died last year at the age of 84, received early international acclaim and scandalised the art world on a regular basis. His work occupies a key position in…

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