The Secret Life of Dorotheum

Listen … Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Rumor has it that new things are astir on Dorotheum’s Facebook page – strange, exciting things! The grapevine has it that similar changes can be observed on Dorotheum’s Instagram and Twitter feeds. In Vienna and around the world, people are talking. And: people are right!

What’s all the talk about? Dorotheum’s marketing team is taking a journey into the “secret life” of one of the world’s oldest auction houses, and they are inviting lovers of art and beautiful things everywhere to join them.

The Secret Life of Dorotheum Campaign

There’s more to the latest record-breaking art auction than just the paintings themselves. How do objects arrive at Dorotheum? What happens to them once Dorotheum has acquired them? What are auctions like behind the scenes, and what is everyday life like at central Europe’s leading auction house?

Extraordinary Glimpses of Ordinary Dorotheum

The “Secret Life of Dorotheum” campaign (hashtag: #SecretLifeOfDorotheum) aims to answer these questions and to shed light on daily life at Dorotheum. Starting with a series of timelapse videos that capture the daily crawl at Dorotheum at breakneck speed. Scroll down to see what the secret’s all about – and by all means, don’t hesitate to spread the word.

(Secret) Life Goes On

Watch for more #SecretLifeOfDorotheum posts on Dorotheum’s Facebook page and on our Instagram and Twitter feeds. And in the meantime, enjoy your own secret life!


Bonus Video: Bike Tour of Dorotheum

Take a spin through Palais Dorotheum on the heels (and wheels) of a professional cyclist in this thrill ride of a promotional video for the “Bicycles from the Embacher Collection Auction” from May 2015.

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