Sneak preview: modern and contemporary art auction

Dorotheum’s annual major auctions of modern and contemporary art will take place again this May and June. Get a sneak preview online of select items, make use of the opportunity to see the works at one of Dorotheum’s representative offices, or come by Palais Dorotheum in Vienna starting on 21 May!

International preview

Are you a resident of or soon-to-be traveller to London, Rome, Munich, Düsseldorf, Brussels or Milan who is interested in experiencing  some top-notch art first hand? You won’t want to miss this opportunity to visit your local Dorotheum and take in some art that is otherwise rarely available for public viewing!

Get a personal consultation and see the original works of art up close!

Modern and contemporary art
9–10 May, 10 am–5 pm

Modern and contemporary art; watches and jewellery
6May/9 May/10 May, 10 am–5 pm

Modern and contemporary art; watches and jewellery
6-11 May, 10 am–7 pm

Contemporary art
18–22 April

Modern and contemporary art; watches and jewellery
27–28 April
29 April

Modern and contemporary art; silver; watches and jewellery

All auctions will be held at Palais Dorotheum.

Online sneak preview:

Modern art
Tuesday, 31st May, 2016


Contemporary art
Wednesday. 1st June, 2016 and Thursday, 2nd June, 2016


Auction week, 31st May – 3rd June, 2016
Palais Dorotheum Wien

Tuesday, 31 May, 1 pm

Modern art
Tuesday, 31 May, 6 pm
further information

Contemporary art
Wednesday, 1 June, 6 pm
Thursday, 2 June, 5 pm
further information

Thursday, 2 June,  2 pm

Watches and pocketwatches
Friday, 3 June, 4 pm

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