Museum Selfie Day 2017: 10 great selfies (+1)

Museum Selfie Day 2017 is upon us! We at Dorotheum are voracious consumers of Vienna museum culture, so we couldn’t resist the temptation to join in the fun on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds once again.

Mar Dixon started Museum Selfie Day in 2014 to ‘encourage people to visit museums and participate a bit with art or collections.’ The phenomenon has since swept the social media world, attracting smartphone-wielding masses, earning celebrity endorsements and inciting the press to embrace the snapping of selfies in the world’s most hallowed cultural institutions. In other words, Museum Selfie Day is for everyone, so don’t let the word museum daunt you!

Museum Selfie Day: the basics

As you might expect, there are loads of ways to follow Museum Selfie Day online. Here are a few resources to get you started:

Hashtags: #museumselfie, #museumselfieday #museumselfieday2017
Social networks: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr

Another way to ‘dig deep’ into the world of museum selfies would be to explore at length the Instagram feeds of the users whose photos we have posted below. But be warned – these feeds are highly addictive (and we mean that as a compliment).

Our ‘Top 10’ museum selfies of 2017

Dali Berlin

Projekt Moberg

Wadsworth Athenium Museum of Art

Foxy Foxenberg

Kunstmuseum Bonn

National Gallery of Canada

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts

Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow)

Vale selfie 360°, selfie #littleplanet , seja criativo e participe usando #museumselfie e #museudoamanha

A photo posted by Museu do Amanhã (@museudoamanha) on

Louvre Museum

‘To thine own selfie be true …’

Now that we have shared ten of our favorite museum selfies of 2017, we are free to shamelessly plug our own, right? After all, this is our blog. Anyway, here is our stab at this most culture-literate of selfie genres.

museum selfie day - 2017
Museum Selfie Day makes us happy – in 2017 or any other year.

Gearing up for 2018

At the time of this posting, no date has yet been set for Museum Selfie Day 2018. But rest assured that it will come, and that we will take part and share our highlights yet again! Also, who knows? Perhaps next year we’ll even make our own top ten.


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